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When your dream job is not on the list by Muuu


I had a dream to be a dancer when I was a teen.

At the time, I recieved an occupation list at school to decide our future.

Of course I looked for a dancer.




But I coundn't find it.


Some said to me, you can't be a dancer.

Think more about your future.


From that moment, I clammed up and never said  I want to be a dancer because what I learned was that to have a dream is an embarassing thing.



Have you ever heard of Shane Koyczan?

He said in TED,


When I said, "I'd like to be a writer."

they said, "Choose something realistic."

So I said, "Professional wrestler."

And they said, "Don't be stupid."

See, they asked me what I wanted to be, then told me what not to be.




When I was a teen, I hated adults.

When I had a dream, I was alone.

When I had to decide my future, I was scared.


Now, I'm here in Canada and my dream came true.

And I have become what I hated: an adult.


Am I a good teacher?

Should I decide to classify myself as good or bad?


In the first place, what does it mean to be a teacher?

I know I have a ton of things to learn from my students.


The only thing I know is that I made my dream job.


I also know that we performers, artists, and dancers need places that we can express more because artistic expression still isn’t fully recognized as an occupation.

And if it were, nobody would use this phrase again, "you can't be a dancer. Think more about your future."

Dancing is not my hobby.
Dance is my life job.


I wish I could have learned how to make my job at school.


To have a dance studio.

I didn't get this dream easily, so even if it's hard I can do my best because I know we need a safe space to express ourselves.


And I love my dream job. Dance Studio*with student permission


My language is Japanese, so I still have to keep making an effort to speak English when I want to tell them something; however, my language is not only Japanese but also dance.


Some students don't know how to love dance yet.

Some students don't realize yet dance could be your language.


Or we as adults don't know yet how much they love dance! Dance Studio*with student permission



We adults must learn how to wait for them. Dance Studio*with student permission


They are my teachers. Dance Studio*with student permission


It's never too late to start something. Dance Studio*with student permission




I often think, 

How many people can understand my humanity without words?

Or can I pull you into a world where you are under the illusion that you understand?


There was a Talent Search Competition in B.C., Canada in 2015. I danced a Shane Koyczan original poem called "Voltage" and received the Nikkei “Most Memorable Performance” Award. Star Talent Search 


I passed the First Audition, Semifinal, Final and finally won the Award.

Performers’ intentions differ depending on your way of life: you can entertain people, affect people, or move people.

Though it may be impossible to make an entire audience wonder “what is this expression?” when I dance, if art reaches the heart, I want to make people at least feel moved through my dance.


I choreographed this piece on March 11th to encourage Japan after the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.


Can we change the world through dance?
Can dance change the world? by Tanabe+Photography


Although I can't change the world, I can change how to use my dance. 

This is my answer.



I have continued dancing for over 20 years which means it took time to know who I was.

Dance is one of the ways to make friends easily in the world.

I hope my students experience this one day.


Why do you dance?

Why do you want to dance?


I think you already know, even if you've never said it out loud: 



Let's dance together! Bring your passion!


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by Dancer MADOKA