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A dream come true is a beginning, not an end


movementdancestudio *posted with student permission*


When I was a child, I was extremely shy and introverted.(日本語は最後に貼付けます)

When I was a teen, I felt alienated by the strict Japanese society and education system.

It was like a long ice age for me.


However, I found myself in dance. by Tanabe + Photography


At the age of 3, I started classical ballet.

For the first performance in  my life, I cried on the stage and couldn't dance.

Many said, "dance doesn't suit you," but with the support of my mother, I continued.




Classical ballet wasn't always fun because I had to try so hard.

Though my feet bled, I kept dancing and built skill and perseverence.

What I learned was not to give up.


There were obstacles to keep dancing such as lack of support, school exams, frustration, the pressure to win competitions, and the judgment of others.


To start something is actually easy... but to keep doing it is difficult.


I've been dancing over 20 years and I've seen so many people who have given up.


I know very well how hard it is to keep dancing:

It takes time to improve.

If you can't enjoy the process, it is difficult to have motivation.



If I had given up dancing, I would've missed seeing a lot of stunning views in my life.

f:id:dancermadoka:20160412082049p:plainPhoto by Tanabe + Photography


If I didn't dance, I wouldn't have met them.


If I quit dancing at the time, I couldn't have understood you. by Tanabe + Photography 


If I didn't dance, I couldn't have made friends on the other side of the world.


If I didn't dance, I couldn't have communicated very well.

Dance saved my introverted self.  


I actually had an oppotunity to make a dance studio in Japan, but I gave up this dream for another.


Instead of making a studio, I danced around the world, stopping in about 20 countries to explore why dance was born, why people dance and who I was.



Now I live in a tiny village in Canada. A year ago, I saw this space and it was love at first sight.

I immediately thought, "I can dance here."


There weren't mirrors or speakers, and there were holes on the wall, but I didn't care about such things because I could see a perfect floor to dance.


Of course I had other options to teach dance in different places, but I felt drawn to this space.

I wanted to dance here with people I haven't met yet.


Were there any children who wanted to dance in the village?

I had no idea. I was anxious and suddenly became frightened to take risks.


Without taking risks, my dream cannot come true.

The dream came back to me.

This is my life.


When I decided to open a dance studio in Metchosin, BC, Canada,

I swore I would do it even if I had only one student.

I must go to the next step in spite of fear to get my dream job and to invigorate the local community.


I had one girl who was waiting for me to teach dance for a year.

This was reason enough to make a dance studio even if I must take risks and responsibility.


For the girl...

But also for my happiness.


Renting a truck and carrying mirrors,



Starting by taking off the white frames,



Measuring where to hang the mirrors,



Making bricks for the wall,



There are so many things we had to do, and we finally made an enviroment to dance.




The Making of a DIY Dance Studio within 3 minutes.


I couldn't sleep the day before the first lesson at Movement Dance Studio.


It exceeded my expectation!


These are my first students in my studio:

f:id:dancermadoka:20170114191610j:plainmovementdancestudio *posted with student permission*


A full class!f:id:dancermadoka:20170114193514j:plainmovementdancestudio *posted with student permission*


Adult class!


movementdancestudio *posted with student permission* 


I had students who are shy to dance.

I had students who are introverted like my former self.


I had students who said to me, "you are so cool."

I had students who said to me, "I'll come next week as well!"


I was surrounded by people I didn't know until I opened a dance studio.


If I gave up my dream I wouldn't have been able to dance with you.


movementdancestudio *posted with student permission*


Thank you for dancing with me.

Thank you for coming to a new dance studio.

Thank you for coming to try dancing.


There are many things I want to do in this studio.

・A workshop to learn hip hop culture beyond dance

・A live graffiti paint event

・A workshop on how to write your name in graffiti

・A dance lesson with a live beatboxer

・How to beatbox and make music with your voice

・A dance tour between Canada and Japan

・A summer dance camp

・A dance movie event

Why people dance project

・A dance event based on a gift economy system


Through dance and street culture, I want to invigorate the local community with unique ideas and make a unique experience for them.


I am not sure what it's going to happen from now, but I have started!


I just want to feel that I'm glad I could meet you through dance. 



This is Movement Dance Studio's Facebook page.

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Tuesday 11:00-11:30AM Ages 4-5 Hip Hop
Tuesday 4:00-4:45PM Teen Hip Hop
Tuesday 5:00-6:00PM Adult Hip Hop
Thursday 3:30-4:15PM Ages 9+ Hip Hop
Thursday 4:30-5:15PM Ages 6-8 Hip Hop
Thursday 7:00-8:00PM Adult Hip Hop
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Hip Hop Teaching Reel

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